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استعلام قیمت آنلاین و مشاوره

 شرکت حمل ونقل بین المللی بارفرابری مهرگان راه با  در اختیار داشتن بیش از 250 دستگاه کشنده  تحت کاپوتاژ  ، شعبه ،  نمایندگی فعال و پرسنل مجرب ، آماده ارائه خدمات لجستيكي به مشتريان محترم مي باشد.
لطفا"جهت  استعلام قیمت انلاین و دریافت مشاوره رایگان  ، فرم مربوطه را  اینجا  تکمیل  نموده  تا در کوتاهترین زمان ممکن با شما تماس گرفته شود و یا جواب به آدرس پست الکترونیکی شما ارسال گردد.


Presence in global trnsfer market

Farabari Mehregan Rah with the registration No: 486988 is one of the most experienced and most advanced companies in the field of international transportation that looks for successful business, customer satisfaction and customer confidence. This company proudly declare that its activities in the field of road transportation, forward affairs, carrying and doing all things related to custom and marketing have started since1394. This company completely understand the importance of transportation industry and its special place in improvement of healthy economic. The main activity of this company in Asia includes transit and shipment of dry goods to countries such as Iraq, Azerbaijan, Turkey from Bandarabbas and in return transit and shipment of oil derivation from Iraq's Kurdistan to Iran, Afghanistan, turkey and countries of CIS. Because of extent activities of different branch and agencies in different areas specially border areas and having diverse facilities including 350 trucks, this company has achieved impressive successes and has become popular and reliable not only in Iran but also in neighbour countries. Factors such as in time transport of goods, securing transported cargo, high sense of responsibility have an important role in transportation industry. Accomplishing these factors By Farabari Mehregan Rah caused transportation companies and merchants trust this company.


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